7th Grade Student Making an Impact through Donations to Foster Homes

Izabella ArndtIzabella Arndt is a 7th-grade student at South Middle School who is hoping to make a difference in her community. On her tenth birthday, instead of asking for presents, she wanted to collect toys to donate to foster care systems. She collected enough items to fill 39 backpacks.

The backpacks and items that Izabella has collected will be donated to Four Oaks Family and Children Services. Izabella is aware that there are not enough foster homes for the number of children who need them. She grew up in China and lived there as an orphan until age three. At that time, her parents, Lisa and Dan Arndt, adopted her after they spent 21 days in China with her. 

She can imagine what that would be like which is why Izabella wants to give back to help her community. Izabella said, “I hope this inspires others to help out in their community.” Any amount of donations will mean so much and go a long way to the individual on the receiving end of it.